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Prepare quick, delicious and nutritious meals at home? Oh yes you can!

After a busy day, trying to figure out what to prepare for dinner and getting it on the table can seem like an impossible task. Sometimes is seems easier to stop by the local pub or grab some take out, but if you’re trying to lose weight, eating out can be a landmine of temptations. Read More

Time to detox your makeup bag

When people think about detoxing, they usually think about it in terms of their diet, but toxins aren’t limited to what we eat and drink. We’re also exposed to toxins in the personal care products and cosmetics we use daily. Read More

Forget about the complete overhaul – Start with small, sustainable changes

Before and after pictures. Who doesn’t love a Cinderella story where someone overcomes tremendous obstacles to improve their health, lose weight and look great. It explains the popularity of shows like the Biggest Loser and Revenge Body. Within an hour’s time, a person is completely transformed. Read More