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Breakthrough Session
Looking to improve your eating habits, get control of your cravings, sleep better and feel more energized? Are you ready to make your self-care a priority? During this free 30 minute consultation, we’ll discuss your unique situation and determine how I can best help you reach your health and wellness goals.

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Private One-on-One Sessions (3 and 6 month programs available)
Confused by all the nutrition and weightloss advise out there? Has your doctor recommended diet and lifestyle changes that you can’t seem to implement? Or maybe you know what you have to do, but haven't been able to motivate yourself to make the changes? As your Health Coach, I will listen carefully to your concerns and help you navigate the world of contradictory nutrition advice to determine what changes will work best for you. Together, we’ll discover the tools you need for a lifetime of balance and create a plan that works for you.

As a client of my health coaching program, you will:
  • set and accomplish goals in a way that is empowering and exciting
  • work to achieve and maintain your ideal weight
  • understand and reduce your cravings
  • increase your energy levels
  • feel great in your body
  • learn about new foods and how you can easily incorporate them
  • improve your personal relationships
  • discover the confidence to create the life you want
Your program includes:
  • two 50-minute sessions per month (6 sessions for 3 month program, 12 sessions for 6 month program).
  • session in person, by phone or Skype
  • e-mail support between sessions
  • recipes that are healthy and simple to prepare
  • coaching and support to help you make the dietary and lifestyle changes you want
  • simple but informative handouts that will increase your nutrition knowledge
  • access to my monthly newsletter with the latest health tips and recipes
  • my personal commitment to your health and success
Contact me for a free initial consult and begin making your self-care a priority now.

Group Programs
Join me for an online or in-person group program. I offer seasonal whole food cleanses to kickstart weight loss, increase your energy and feel better in your body all with the support of a group.

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doTERRA® Essential Oils

If you'd like to learn about or purchase essential oils, visit 


Public Speaking
I’m available to speak to members of your company, club or organization on a variety of health and wellness topics such as:
  • Sugar: The Bitter Truth
  • Cleanses and Detoxes: What are they and should I do one?
  • What's in a Label: Understanding Nutrition Labels
  • Strategies for Managing Stress in a 24/7 World
  • Essential Oils: An introduction to the uses and benefits of essential oils 

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New to yoga and nervous about attending a large public class? I can provide private solo or group lessons and will tailor the class to meet your specific fitness level and needs.

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>>Check the Classes and Events page for an up-to-date schedule
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